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Did Michael Jackson Die Without a Will?

In an update to my posting yesterday, Michael Jackson’s parents went to court today, asking for custody of his three children, as well as seeking his assets to use for his children. His parents claimed he died without a will! That is completely shocking to me when considering his sizable assets, the questionable parentage of his children, his alleged ongoing health problems and his significant amount of travel.

Some other celebrities who died intestate (without a will): Bob Marley (he did not believe in death because of his Rastafarian faith); Sonny Bono; Marlon Brando; Abraham Lincoln; Kurt Cobain; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Buddy Holly; Howard Hughes; and Pablo Picasso.

Celebrities who died testate (with a will): Heath Ledger (although it was executed before the birth of his daughter); John Belushi; Elvis Presley; Anna Nicole Smith (whose will oddly specifically excluded children born later, including her newborn daughter); and Marilyn Monroe.

I don’t know whether celebrities die without wills because they feel invincible, or whether they are like the other 70% of Americans who die intestate.