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Estate Planning Tip: Make Your Wishes Known

This week has been an interesting one. I have received several calls from potential clients, all of which were variations on a common theme.

In general, the calls went like this: my loved one passed away and I don’t know where the will is/haven’t seen the will and don’t believe what I’ve been told/don’t have enough information/think one of my family members is trying to screw me.

I highly recommend that once you’ve finally gotten around to doing a will or trust, let your loved ones know where it is, or at a minimum let them know who your estate planning attorney is. This will help a lot when they are trying to wrap up your affairs.

In addition, advise your estate planning attorney you want copies of the will sent to all interested parties at your death, even if they aren’t going to inherit. An alternative is to leave detailed written instructions with your will or trust about to whom to send copies upon your death. The will will become public anyway, and this could save some time, money, and potentially hurt feelings.