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I’m going on vacation without my kids. Do I need a guardianship form?

I get this question a lot. Yes, if you are going to be going out of town without your kids, and you are leaving your kids in the care of another person or persons, I recommend that you complete a basic temporary guardianship form. The form will serve as a notice that your kids are authorized to be under the care of another person. The form typically also consents to medical care for your children. If you are going out of town and need such a form, please email me at and I would be happy to email you a blank form free of charge.

This temporary guardianship form is very different from issues that arise in other circumstances. For instance, you will name a guardian for your children in your will – this will tell who you want to raise your children in the event that something happens to both parents. There are also standby guardianship forms that can be of use to single parents in the event the parent becomes incapacitated. Finally, some parents of special needs children need to seek a guardianship over that child when the child turns 18 in order to continue making legal decisions for that child.

Do you have a potential guardianship issue that you need to speak to a Georgia attorney about? Call Sarah White, Marietta guardianship attorney at 678-453-6490 or email me at I would be happy to speak with you about those issues.