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Living Trusts: A Scam?

A 2009 article on mentioned that scores of people are being sold on the idea of buying a “living trust” when they really don’t need one.

Living trusts are designed to hold all assets until a person’s death, at which time the trust distributes the assets to the person’s beneficiaries. The article points out living trust kits, which run around $2,000, are being sold door to door or over the phone. The salespeople sometimes use scare tactics such as “your estate will be eaten up by taxes if you don’t have a living trust” or “your estate could be tied up for years if you don’t have a living trust”.

The article mentions that the only people who really might need a living trust are those with loved ones with special needs, who own a business, or own real estate in more than one state. According to the AARP, only about 5% of the population needs a living trust.