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Requests for Indigent Burials are on the Rise

In tough times, increasing numbers of people aren’t able to pay $5,000 or more for a private funeral and burial. Increasing numbers of people are seeking government funded burials, cremations and funerals. Among the counties mentioned in this article are Los Angeles County, Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas), and Kenton County, Kentucky, whose number of indigent burials is expected to have more than doubled this year over last year.

Have you given much thought to how to pay for your funeral? If you don’t think your estate will have the money and you don’t want to place a financial burden on your loved ones, consider obtaining a very small life insurance policy for the amount you think the funeral will cost. You may want to consider cremation instead of burial, or you may not want a funeral at all. Whatever you decide, it’s important to let your heirs know.