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Social Media and Estate Planning

Recently, the federal government recommended you create something called a “social media will”. A social media will would address the online content that you have created during your lifetime, such as email addresses, a Facebook page, a Twitter account, and domain names that you may own or use personally, such as for a family blog or business. A social media will spells out want you want to have happen to that content that you’ve created – for example, maybe you want to be memorialized on your Facebook page, or maybe you want the account deleted entirely. Maybe you want your personal family blog to be deleted or left unchanged, or maybe you want your children to continue the blog with updates from their families’ lives.

A social media will will appoint one person, or different people, to serve as an online executor, who will be responsible for handling email addresses, social media accounts, and more. You may want one person to handle your email addresses and another to work with your websites, or use the same person for all. Regardless, that person or persons will need to know the websites to work with, and your usernames and passwords. Understandably, you may not want the person to have your account information right away – consider leaving your social media will with the remainder of your estate planning documents. You may also consider using an online service, such as Legacy Locker or Planned Departure, to store that information for you and release it after your death.

If you are interested in creating a social media will, contact me at to get a free copy of a form you can use for your social media accounts. Or if you have any questions about social media and estate planning, call me, Marietta estate planning attorney Sarah White, at 678-453-6490.