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Some Very Unique Will Provisions

This article from CNN notes that Walter Cronkite left his girlfriend of four years out of his will, and then goes on to list some extremely strange bequests that have appeared in wills over the years, such as:

– Jeremy Bentham, a social philosopher (whose name appears frequently on one of my favorite shows, Lost) left the world his clothed, preserved body. His clothed skeleton (with a wax head) now lives at University College London and occasionally is wheeled around to meetings!

– a California oil heiress requested her body be clothed in her lace nightgown and buried in her Ferrari with the seat slanted comfortably.

– a Portugese aristocrat picked 70 names out of the phone book to share in his estate.

– a Canadian attorney left over $500,000 to the mother to the mother who gave birth to the most children in Toronto in the 10 years following his death. Four winners split the prize with nine babies each!

– a German poet left his entire estate to his wife as long as she remarried, since then there would be “at least one man to regret [his] death”.

– an Iowa lawyer who died in 1930 left nothing to his wife or daughter but left $100,000 to create a “womanless library”. The library could have no books or magazines authored by women, no feminine decorations, and no women were allowed to be admitted.